dsale - Basic Domain-name sales CGI

What is it?

A simple CGI script for managing multiple domain name sales. You can point all your domain names for sale to this one script and, when properly configured, it will handle all of your domains dynamically. You can see dsale in action here.

Please note this is a very simple and stupid script. I have designed it to just work exactly how I need it to. If you want something with more features, you probably want to take a look at DNscript.

Why would I want it?

Let's say you had 4 domain names you no longer needed or wanted and you were looking to sell them. Configure your HTTP server to point all requests for those domains to this script, get some web-based form emailer, and viola!

How do I use it?

Check the documentation on the dsale wiki.

Where do I get it?

The latest releases can always be found here:

How can I contribute?

The Subversion repository can be found here:

The ticket/bug-tracking system information can be found here:

General Wiki items (and documents) can be found here: